Killerwaxx Kentucky


KILLERWAXX owner ART SMITH, is always in search for the highest grade ingredients to make KILLERWAXX a product you can trust and rely on for all your automotive needs. The chemist's KILLERWAXX uses to formulate the products we bring to the public have been in the wax business for over 40 yrs. The product is made by car guys who understand the quality that needs to go into making the best wax on the market. AND IT IS 100% MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!


Our goal at KILLERWAXX KENTUCKY is to provide effective and quality detail products to give your vehicle that shine and protection your vehicle deserves. Be it factory paint or that high-end custom paint on your hot rod, using KILLERWAXX will give you that ULTIMATE SHINE. 


Without our customers who use the best detail products on the market, KILLERWAXX would not be what it is today. Only the people who want to best ingridients and that ULTIMATE shine use our product, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who use KILLERWAXX personally, cause if it wasnt for you folks who use it we wouldnt be the brand you have come to trust and use on your hot rods!


We offer special discounted prices to car clubs, detail shops, and hot rod restoration shops. We support our Troops! Military discount available. Message us on Facebook or Instagram for the discount coupon code.